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Share Hurlbut, A.S.C. was one of, if not the fist to use DSLR camera systems on a major Hollywood film. Since that time he has been an evangelist to this new platform. Which made him perfect to teach this workshop. 

I just spent 11 hours and my skull is full. I can't wait to use these tips and tricks on my next projects. Coming from a corporate video background I rarely was able to do any creative lighting.  At best it was how we positioned the talent so that the sun would give us a neat effect. The style of the day was to have even light for the shot. Nothing to creative. That day is gone. Now that I'm doing more story based films it was helpful to get a new prospective on lighting scenes.  If I had to pick just one takeaway, I would have to say permission. Permission to not even-light everything. Shane also showed us that any kind of fixture can yield nice results. He did a great job translating film concepts to digital cinematography. The tips and tricks I learned will be invaluable.

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